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Statements from Students to CHP on their class evaluations:
"...this is the best class I have ever taken"
"This was an excellent production from materials to presentation. The instructors were great!"
"Great class, instructors were excellent!"
"RideWell and their staff were wonderful and helped me a great deal!"
"Overall the course was a lot of fun and I was able to improve my riding skills. The coaches were very helpful and respectful."
"Amazing people to work with.... they always had your attention. Best class I have taken in a long time.  I will refer to all my friends!"
"Highly recommend this course and instructors."
"Enjoyed the course. Glad I took it."
"Very professional and personable coaches."
"RideWell went out of their way to make the range day comfortable (temps in 90s). They provided shade, water, seats, ice cold towels, and snacks. With 26 years in law enforcement, and having attended a lot of training courses, they (RideWell) were excellent."

Letters from Students:

"Wanted to sincerely say thanks to both yourself and Pat for the training last weekend. Very detailed and informative.  It was very clear that both yourself and Pat have a true love and devotion to help us 'newbies' to learn the basic motorcycle skills to keep us safe on the road, and for that I truly appreciate your training. I will do my upmost to remember and practice the skills and knowledge you gave us.  I took the written motorcycle test today....so I now have my license.  Thanks again to both of you for your training and knowledge.  It is truly appreciated."
Peter M.

"Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU!  Even though I was really sore and tired, I had a great time.  I am so excited to continue to practice and start riding my little Rebel.  I wouldn't be able to do that without you guys, you are incredible!  I never thought I could go from never having ridden a motorcycle 2 days ago to making tight turns and speed stops today. ...Again, thank you so much."

Jasmin D.

"I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you, Pat and Vern. I have been riding some form of motorcycle for about 25 years, as you know, itís been mostly off-road. I wanted to follow up with you and ask you to share my thanks to Pat and Vern as well, your passion for safe riding is evident and your style of down-to-earth teaching was much appreciated...."

Steve H.


"I just wanted to tell you and Pat how much I appreciated and enjoyed your training, from a guy who has been riding dirt bikes since I was 7 and street bikes since I was 18.  I learned so much from your training over the weekend - especially taking the curves and braking!!! REALLY HELPFUL!!!  You two are a nice compliment to each other and make it interesting and enjoyable for all!"

Robert D.


"Greetings;  I have to tell you that I was thoroughly impressed with your patience, organization, and instruction during the basic motorcycle course these past three days. You are a great team (I suggest you keep her/him).Vincent


"Hi!! I just wanted to say thank you!! Your class was certainly informative. I never knew or realized that looking through a turn would be so helpful!! I've made a huge improvement to my riding ability. I am recommending your course to everyone I know. You'll be getting a couple students next month through me. Thank you again! The knowledge I gained is priceless, and your methods and attitude make the class much more efficient I believe. So this is my appreciation for what you've taught me, and I couldn't be more grateful!! 
Thank you."  Karl


"...I enjoyed your course and after 50 years of riding motorcycles I definitely picked up new techniques and improved on some old ones...The best technique I took away from your course is to push into the handle bar grip in the direction of the turn, or stated differently push the handle bar away from the turn.... "

Ronald S.


"Thank you again for being such conscientious, patient, compassionate, and considerate instructors.

Peace and Blessings" ~~~ Carol


Yelp Reviews


5/12/14 - "I had read all of the yelp reviews before deciding on which company to go with for the basic rider course (MSF Class) after reading the reviews I went with Ridewell!  The registration was easy (online) and I was in a class that week. Day one (Thursday) was the classroom sessions with Patrick as the instructor, the class was 5 hours but Patrick made it fun and he really knew his stuff. They cover the basics such as the types of motorcycles and the basic controls, then they teach you about pre inspecting your motorcycle before you ride. I've been riding for 2 years know and what not sure what I would get from the class, let me tell you there was so much of the basics I just didn't know. During the class they break you up in groups and you pick the group name (we went with dukes if hazard) and there is group study. 

On Saturday everybody got to the range at about 6:30, and they started right on time at 7. The instructors for the weekend were John and Randy. Out in the range they start you off easy with things like how to properly mount the motorcycle and how to warm it up, then about an hour or so later we were all riding the bikes. What I found helpful was during the exercises they would stop you and tell you what you got right or in my case what I got wrong (I had some bad habits) then after every exercise they would ask us what we thought went well and what needed work, then give some more tips. Day one was all about how to turn and how to look through the turns along with clutch control which was great. Day one wrapped up at noon (on time)

Day 2 (Sunday) The class started right on time and we were on the bikes right away. Day 2 covered more advanced riding such as swerving and how to avoid road hazards (and how to go over them if you had to) the turns got tighter on day 2 and we practiced u turns and quick stops. The day ended with the final test which everyone seemed prepared for, and everyone in the class passed! 

I got to say that having 2 professional riders as our riding coaches (John and Randy) was invaluable, they know how to teach and are very understanding when you make mistakes. They also have such a passion for being safe, they were breaking down the reasons for why they were teaching us that particular drill. 

I know this review was long so thanks for reading but I can't stress enough how great the training was, I feel like I can hit the road with more confidence and better tactics to avoid problems. If your considering taking the course with Ridewell I would recommend it to all of my friends and family.  Can't wait to take the advanced riding course!

Ryan C, Class of 05/11/2014


3/20/14 - "
I had the pleasure of having both Pat and Lorett for the class instruction and the field training. Having never ridden a motorcycle myself, I was a bit nervous, but that all changed when I got to the class. The classroom portion is where you will learn acronyms and the basics about motorcycle riding and safety. You then get to spend two days on the range. As long as you pay attention and follow directions, you should have no problems. Pat and Lorett are very helpful, and will give you advice throughout the training. They also make the class fun and exciting, so you don't feel like you are just taking a class. If you have experience using manual transmission, or are familiar with how a clutch works, you should not have that much difficulty.  If you are planning on taking your MSF safety course, I would highly recommend taking it with RideWell."
Larry M., Sacramento



3/3/14 - "I had a lot of fun in this class and am able to actually ride a motorcycle now (who would've thought!)....Lorett and Pat, made it interesting. Pat took the first half, Lorett took the second half. Both were knowledgeable and pointed out WHY you were learning it rather than just going through the motions....The field work is the bread and butter of the course. Equipment was provided (helmet, boots, and 200/250cc bikes). I was fairly nervous because I have A) Never ridden a motorcycle B) Never used a manual transmission let alone a hand clutch C) Weather was windy/rainy D) I take a bit longer to learn field operations...I am better at classroom stuff. 
Despite all this John and Vern...were nice, funny, and definitely knew a thing or two about teaching. Always respectful and kind, gave good feedback and gave you a pat on the back every once in a while. I was a bit uneasy about certain skills/exercises, but I think that goes with the territory of learning something new and potentially dangerous. ... I passed and went on my merry way. Good course! I highly recommend it!!!

Brett M., Sacramento



2/12/14 - "Patrick and Lorett put on a class-A (or should that be M?!?) school!  Being brand new to riding, they provided an atmosphere that was relaxed, professional,

 and fun. They take the time and care with riders of all ages and skill levels and they prepared me well for my Class M test (which I passed 2 weeks after the class).  I will be looking into taking the next level class from them as I have just purchased a new bike and have been bitten by the riding bug. Thanks Pat and Lorett!!"

Dutch L., Roseville



1/28/14 - "Ridewell motorcycle course is good. I took the basic course. In class exercise was good, with a lot of group discussion and case studies. Pat is a good trainer. On range, it was even better. Got to learn a lot about riding motor cycle. I would definitely recommend them."

Kun Y, Roseville



11/25/13 - "Patrick, Eddie and Lorett made us all feel super comfortable and safe while riding, they gave clear instructions and taught us how to ride the right way.
All around, a wonderful course. I recommend all new motorcycle riders take it."

Kelly C., Elverta



8/25/13 - "Just completed the 15-hour Basic Rider Course. Pat and Lorett were personable, knowledgeable, professional and patient. You learn a lot while having a great time. I don't want to speak for all 12 students but I think we were all amazed by how quickly we progressed in a mere 10 hours of riding. If you're new to riding or just want to brush up on the basics, you won't find a better group than Ridewell."

Josh J., Sacramento



8/10/13 - "RideWell was AMAZING!!!  What a great experience the WHOLE Weekend!  :-)

"I chose to take a "refresher" Basic Rider Course after being away from riding for a number of years.  Not only did Pat & Lorett (owners/coaches of RideWell) give me a discounted rate (since I already had my license), I also gained more confidence and learned a lot more than I did years ago.  

"Their expertise in not only riding but knowledge and passion for safe riding/motorcycles radiated out to their students.  They respected each and every one of us and talked to us until we all understood what was being asked and ensured we knew what the expectation was.  

"Even when I made some mistakes and I got down on myself, Pat & Lorett BOTH picked me back up and reiterated to me what I was doing wrong and then explained again what I needed to do and guess what???  Yep, it worked and I felt as though their patience and knowledge/passion was just what I needed to gain the confidence to try again.  THANK  YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT PAT/LORETT!

"All of their equipment, from the Motorcycles to the Helmets were well maintained, clean and very organized.  :-)

"I'm going to come back soon to go through their others "more advanced" classes when I feel it's time.  This is the ONLY RIDING SCHOOL I will recommend to ALL OF MY FRIENDS!!!

"Again, I cannot say enough about RideWell and Pat/Lorett!  YOU BOTH ARE AMAZING!!!   You can definitely tell you BOTH ABSOLUTELY LOVE what you do!

"See ya soon.......  :-)

Michelle Z., Fair Oaks



6/9/13  - "I can't say enough about how great this school and their Basic Rider Course is, but I'll try...

"After being absent from motorcycles for about 17 years, I was looking for a good course to teach me some good fundamentals, techniques, and safety; their course and staff delivered in full.

"I signed up the week of June 3 and was in the classroom on the evening of June 6. Classroom was taught by Patrick and the pace of the classroom was good, even for myself having ridden before. There was good participation by everyone and Patrick made everyone feel welcome while answering all of our questions clearly. The class size was nice, not too many students, and the training room was comfortable. All materials were professional and easily understood. Really, I learned a lot even from the classroom. Patrick was not going to be available for the range training that particular weekend so he had one of the instructors stop by to say hello; Vern showed up around 7 or 8pm and introduced himself. That certainly impressed me.

"The range was great. Our instructors were Vern and Candace and they were both absolutely outstanding. It was very obvious to me that they really cared about us and took their responsibility seriously, all the while acting in the most professional, kind, and easy to approach manner. Their instructions were clear and concise. They took time to answer all of our questions. What's more, they worked together flawlessly.

"The equipment was very clean and well-maintained with a good variety of different size bikes. There were extra bikes in case of problems and even a scooter for someone that intended on scooter riding. I think you should definitely bring your own gloves, shoes, etc if you can, however if you need anything their loaner safety gear was very clean. The range is in an excellent location, easy to find, lots of room, and virtually no drive by traffic. It was near perfect. They had a covered area with plenty of chairs and as a bonus they had plenty of ice cold water, some snacks, and even a chest of ice and white towels to help keep your heat level down if its stupid-hot outside. On the towels, let me make it clear that there is no way that I could have completed the first day without them because it was well over 100 degrees outside. We got plenty of breaks too.

"The actual training was outstanding. I learned a lot of great fundamentals, good habits, techniques for handling various situations, and most of all CONFIDENCE. We had students from all kinds of experience levels and I believe everyone learned a great deal.

"This was the best choice that I could have made and I'm sure you'll love the school as much as I did."

Brian M. Sacramento


12/24/12 - "The course was super helpful. Pat & Lorett are both great. I had a great time learning from them. I highly recommend anyone to take the motorcycle training course from them!!

Michelle W. - Carmichael


11/26/12 - "This was a great experience! The coaches are very helpful and are very passionate about riding. I would highly recommend their course to any one. However, some riding practice would be suggested if you have never been on a motorcycle. Try a dirt bike or a small motorcycle to help you pass this course.

"Great job to the coaches as this was a superb experience!"

David C. Antelope


8/14/12 - 'Pat and Lorett were great motorcycle training coaches. They work to make the learning process as comfortable and friendly as possible. I was somewhat nervous before the training, but now, I know how to comfortably operate a motorcycle. Whoo Hoo! They both work full-time at other jobs and do this because they love motorcycles and love helping people to learn to RideWell!"

Lover of Life S. - Sacramento